Sunday, 4 January 2009

Brownie Points

First argument of the New Year........had to happen sooner or later.

Question - what are "Brownie Points"
Answer - I know my version, however it seems that i'm not entitled to receive any, i believe they are my conjugal right (or so i was informed by the wise old sage Dennis
"the Menace" Jones). In many conversations with the wise man over the years frequently has the subject of "Brownie Points" been mentioned. The Earning of and the spending of.
Many years can be spent earning them but apparently they can be spent in a single minute.

Take today, I have this morning been trimming the wife's bush (in our garden i have the shed and the palm tree she "has" the rest), surely this must entitle
one to some reward, ie Brownie Points. to be used tonight when i want to watch the Darts Final.

Happy New Year