Sunday, 1 February 2009

Pinch, Punch, 1st of the month

To celebrate the wife's forthcoming birthday we are off to the SpiceRoute down Cardiff Bay for Sunday lunch with the Tuckers and the McPlaces (who will soon have a new place allegedly). Mr Tucks is the high flying manager of low lying Clevedon Town AFC but since he has been in charge they went unbeaten for about a month (admittedly they didn't play due to the frozen pitches but thats just a technical detail) however they are now on beaten (whilst playing) run of 2 games, watch them zoom up the table. Especially when he adds his special ingredient to their training - Baileys & ice.

Mr Tucker, i might add, has on previous occasions been known to lead Imogen astray,
whilst i know she takes after her parents in some ways in others it must be down to others.......

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