Sunday, 1 March 2009

Celebrating another english defeat.....

After watching England lose last night yet again i/we (welsh) never cease to be surprised by the interpretation of Welsh glee by our friends from across the border. Apparently Eddie Butler is biased against England? So bloody what! and Brian Moore isn't biased in favour of England i suppose? the alleged attempted tackle on BOD by the English (New Zealand imported) centre comes to mind, fair attempt at a tackle says Mr Moore. "My Arse was it" says Mr Lewis. and while we are on the topic of bloody annoying commentators take that idiot John Invertwunt of the TV please, the sanctimonious idiot, he should be swiftly followed by Ian "licky licky brown nose" Robertson. And he's supposedly Scottish. Evidently he knows who pays his wages.....

I had formed a dislike off those 2 silly mares they have interviewing on BBC but yesterday one of them went some way to redeeming herself by winding that oaf Martin Johnson up something brilliant together with Borthwick. How they didn't punch her lights out god only knows, but the look on their faces at her questions was pure rugby heaven.

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  1. Just watched the Martin Johnson interview... priceless!!